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3 min readMay 24, 2021


As an Individual , I am fascinated with the notion of what makes a LEADER???

Leadership in my terms — so, here what it is I believe……

Leadership refers to the quality of leading people,Leadership has led to the progress of human civilization . Without good Leadership, no organization or group can succeed. Furthermore, not everyone has this quality. Leadership is not just the head of the organization or the captain of the team. It’s about you and me and all of us . Everyone is the leader. It is just some people lead Teams, some lead companies or countries and so on . But yes we all lead a life. Our own. We lead our life , it depends how we lead, in what direction we take , and most importantly how good we make it. Even that is a leadership. There is greatness inside each of us, all you need to do is reach for it and unleash it.

Life is like a ten- speed bicycle, most of us have gears we never use it .” — Charles M. Schulz

Tea is my love , now here I would say how the tea shows what leader can be ??? The more you keep the tea bag in boiling water the more its aroma and taste increases, that is how leader works under pressure and brings out the best quality . Is that enough for having a good cup of tea ??? NOOOO ..You need to add sugar and milk , to have the perfect texture and glaze in your tea that's what is your team or colleague Right!!! . These are the strengths we have …there are many such examples around you that you have to search and analyze because yes it's your CUP OF TEA….:)Leaders love challenges as the teabags love the hot water.

Passion, hunger and Discipline can put you on the road to realize your true greatness. It is extremely important to each of us to to know how much you love your work ?? Now this term comes were you need the passion to work and it comes when you love your job!!Passion is contagious, hugely contagious.Watching a passionate leader energies the entire organization.The result is Pure magic. If you want to win, you must first want to win. Get hungry as no one else can feel hungry for you.You will need discipline to keep doing the right things , time after time after time. You need discipline to stay the course.

Learning to find happiness is the key. It is entirely in your hands. Run your own race. Celebrate your success and your achievements. Don't worry about the one that got away.

“ It is hard to beat a person who never gives up.” — Babe Ruth

Lot of us , make assumptions that we can do this or most importantly, we cannot do this. We all grow up with our strengths and weakness, with limitations and freedom. In this way we often limit our achievements………We think that we have no stamina to run a marathon and don't even try to Run. If you want to change the outcomes in your life you need to change your mindset.

There is only one person who can set limits to your Growth, and thats YOU.If you want to win, You win , If you want to loose you loose. Choice is yours. You choose to be what you are , Rest choose to always hold you down, be above them , Rule the world or let world rule you. Choices matters…..It is never to late to start, it is never to late to Be what you might have been..

“ The pessimist complains about the wind. The optimist expects it to change. The LEADER adjusts the sails.” — John Maxwell.



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