Motivating My Inner self…..

Neelam Pandey
2 min readMay 20, 2021

When you write for the first time you really need to think on what topic to write….. according to me the hot topic are always trending and I believe what I write should be different from others so when I thought of writing i never had any real topics to come up no new thing to display ,as its real hard to beat up the real writers out there…then something came up on my head the question is what is inspiring me ? what are topics that people would love to read ?
what is the basic thing people look for when they read? Things should be real I believe while writing it should be something that people would trust me and my topics …real topics!!!!!!

— Neelam Pandey .

So yes I want to start and i don't know how far it goes as its the matter of getting real like an open book to world …what I feel ? what I want ? who can understand me ? will people like me ? so yes i just want to be me….Many women are capable of things they don't know and i want such women to understand their needs, their potential, talent , TO BE BOLD…Now some people will be like Being bold is bad ….nooooo!!! being BOLD is as good as drinking tea like you love your Tea You love yourself, you speak up for yourself , be something that people would have never thought of you….. waiting for an opportunities ,then trust me you need to search your opportunity as nobody will come up to you and ask you to do ….you have to be BOLD enough to get it for you ….to show what you are and how you can present the world your identity.

It takes time to grow , to learn, to inculcate the values within you, patience is the way out thier ….Be BOLD enough that you wont have to prove any one…..You have to be Brave to fight back , to stand for yourself …..But yes saying is real easy but doing is hard as that it takes courage to speak, that comes up when you have that gut feeling of getting it done.

Be valued in your life as no one will do so but you have to make it for yourself.
Thank you for reading, and I believe I would do much better in writing because I dont know if I can inspire others but yes i want to start it from myself …..and come up with new ideas and new topics just the real ones as I said before….!!!!



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