Why Speak Up ….?

Neelam Pandey
4 min readJun 7, 2021


Your Voice Matters…

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Have you ever used your voice to make a change? why it is important for our voices to heard ?why does the voice matters ?does it makes you stand out from the audience ?Most important question why we don't speak ?

Revolution of society begins with vocalized opinions. It is necessary to speak up at the time when you believe you can commit on the matter of subject. Now , is there a way you have to just speak up always when you want ? NOO… Reason is people will listen to you only when you are capable of doing something , when you are at power , position or money …. Now how will you make a difference to stand out your identity different from those people who are standing with the power ? you can make a difference by sharing your ideas on right time and right place , its really important to understand the concept of right time and right place …. as there are people who will judge you for speaking, for dressing , for the way of living and many more stuff…..but who are you? You are the person who knows what is best and when to reply .

“Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about the things that really matter.”

Speaking up your mind brings out courage , confidence and the level of understanding human tendency much better. Why we more often keep our opinions to ourselves? Psychologists believe there are multiple factors that can contribute to this silence, the most notable of which are a fear of societal rejection and a fear of seeming unintelligent. It’s no wonder that we often don’t speak up; from our first day in kindergarten, we are told we must sit still and keep our thoughts to ourselves, lest we disrupt the flawed learning environment for others, an environment that’s based on sitting still and absorbing information for later regurgitation rather than generating new and innovative ideas. It’s no wonder that because of this suppression of originality in our early life, many are unable to vocalize their opinions later in life.

“If you’re not going to speak up, how is the world supposed to know you exist?”

Speaking up can not only help you but also help others. There are different types of situations in which you have to speak up. Whether you are going through something that makes you feel alone, you’re being bullied, you are not willing to do something , or you were insulted or rejected or being not normal or normal these are all valid reasons to open up and express how you feel. Never hush your voice for someone’s comfort. We all need to have the courage to speak up for ourselves and people around us, Be transparent you have to live comfortable life and this makes it much easier open up on things and you will find things better and sorted. In short, people don’t vocalize their opinions. The fear of societal rejection, seeming unintelligent or feeling inadequate in a group are major reasons. Simple things like personality and evolutionary development also play a role

“Your words have great power. Speak up and use them to support and inspire.”

Now, some of speak for ourselves and some of them speak for others , here is here comes the change in society when people who stand for others and speak on behalf of them that makes them different Great examples are since year,

1871 — Chief Joseph- fought for his tribe,
1940 — Oskar Schindler- fought and saved Jewish People ,
1955 — Rosa Louise Parks -Fought for Black people ,
1994 — Nelson Mandela-the national liberator South Africa’s first Black president,
1955 — Martin Luther King Jr.- the advancement of civil rights using nonviolent civil disobedience,
1989 — 14th Dalai Lama- nonviolent struggle for the liberation of Tibet.

“Staying quiet to keep the peace can be a good thing, but if the peace has already been disturbed, staying quiet won’t make anything better. Summon your courage and speak up when you feel the need to.”

If people like them can make a change in such a big world why can’t we …? If they are humans we are humans too , if they have voice , we have voices too, The difference between them and us is they raised their voices to make a change and we are in process to make a change. So hope you all make a change around you and most importantly for YOU…



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